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Dog Walker

Dog Show

Sponsored by:

6th July - 2pm on the Green, Carnival Day

All are welcome!

There are 5 categories plus the Best in Show

Entry is £1.50 per category

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Short Bark & Sides

Badshot Lea Garden Centre

07778 600729



Most Fabulous Fella

Introducing the most dashing and debonair category of the dog show - Most Fabulous Fella! This is where the handsome hounds strut their stuff and showcase their charm and style to the judges and audience. From their perfectly coiffed fur to their polished manners, these fabulous fellas are the epitome of class and sophistication. Get ready to be wowed by the suave and stylish contenders in the Most Fabulous Fella category, and see who will take home the crown as the ultimate canine heartthrob.


Loveliest Lady

The Loveliest Lady category at the dog show is where grace and femininity meet. These gentle and refined ladies captivate the judges and audience with their silky-smooth fur, sparkling eyes, and poise. Their elegance is unparalleled as they strut their stuff with a certain charm that captures everyone's heart. Don't miss out on the chance to witness the Loveliest Lady category and see which stunning beauty will be crowned the queen of the show.

Pride Dog


Waggiest Tail

Get ready to witness the most joyous and lively category of the dog show - Waggiest Tail! This is where the canine contestants put their tails to work and show off their happiness and excitement through their wagging tails. From the tiniest Chihuahua to the largest Great Dane, every furry friend competes to wag their tail with the most enthusiasm and vigor.  So, get ready to be entertained and uplifted by the Waggiest Tail category and see which furry friend will wag their way to the top of the pack.


Best Handshake

Welcome to the category that celebrates the special bond between dogs and humans - Best Handshake! This is where the furry contestants put their paws to work and showcase their friendliness and connection with their human counterparts. From a paw-shake to high-fives and fist-bumps, these dogs demonstrate their exceptional communication and social skills.  Get ready to be touched by the Best Handshake category and witness the incredible bond that dogs and humans share. Who will win the title of Best Handshake? Watch and find out!

Dog giving a high five
Person with two dogs


Dog Most Like its owner

Prepare for a fun-filled and exciting category at the dog show - Dog Most Like its Owner! This is where the canine contenders and their owners take the stage together to show off their remarkable similarities in appearance and personality. From matching outfits to similar hairstyles and expressions, these duos demonstrate their strong connection and affection for each other. It's an entertaining sight to see the furry and human counterparts interact and mirror each other's actions, proving that dogs truly are man's best friend. So, come and witness the unique bond between these furry companions and their owners in the Dog Most Like its Owner category. Who will take home the prize for the best duo? Watch and find out!

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