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Stalls On Carnival Day

Stalls are welcome every year at Hale Carnival and we encourage everyone to take part. Stands are charged at low rates which helps pay for the Carnival. Any left over money is donated to local good causes.


  • Stall pitches is approximately 4m x 4m. Stall holders are welcome to purchase more than one pitch to gain more space (subject to availability). 

  • There is a limit to 5 Food Outlet stalls on Carnival Day. Book early to avoid disappointment!

  • Tables, Chairs, Cover etc are not supplied to any 3rd party stall holders.

  • Stall Holders are entirely responsible for their stand and the Committee will not take responsibility for any loss/damage/theft.

  • All stalls must be appropriately manned, especially when there are large amounts of cash. We recommend the use of cashless payments for security reasons.

  • Stall Holders are not permitted to sell any products which may cause unnecessary litter on the Green (eg Silly String)

  • The Carnival Committee cannot guarantee that your stall will be the only one of that kind on the Green.

  • Electricity is NOT supplied to any stall holders!

  • Stall Holders are welcome to start setting up from 10:30am on Carnival Day 

  • Providing the weather is dry, vehicles can enter the Green to unload

  • Report to The Green Manager

  • All vehicles must be removed from the Green by 1:30pm.

  • Stalls should be ready to begin trading at 2pm for the Carnival Opening.

  • Stalls should be open for business until 5pm although they can continue trading until 9pm

  • Stall Holders who wish to leave early must be ready to leave at 5:30pm and await a security escort.

  • Stalls CANNOT removed between 6pm and 7pm as this is when the Procession will be taking place

  • Stall Holders are entirely responsible for clearing their pitch and taking their litter with them

  • Stalls are divided into 3 categories which affects the price we charge for a pitch:

  • Charity/School - Charge £15 per pitch

  • Sole Trader/Farmers Market/Home Craft - Charge £40 per pitch

  • Commercial Food Outlet - Charge £250 per pitch (limited to 5)

  • Once we've accepted your stall application, payment must be made in full and payment details will be sent once your application is accepted.

  • Your pitch will not be saved if payment is not made by 6th June 2024  

  • In order to provide a variety of stalls, Hale Carnival Committee reserve the right to decline your application, so get in early! 

  • General Stall Information
  • Carnival Day Information
  • Booking Information
Please use the enquiry form below and a member of the Committee will be in touch shortly!


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